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Body Piercing

Beauty Salon

"Experience Counts" - Piercing for over 49 years
Registered & Licenced with the Local Authority

Daith piercing available at Kara Body Piercing
As featured on ITV's This Morning, this piercing may for some people
help relieve headaches / migraines.

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Kara Body Piercing Studio

Fully Local Authority registered and licensed to pierce

You can be assured of the safest body piercing
environment by our highly experienced staff.

Piercings start from only £

Daith Piercing from £1

Reasons to be pierced at Kara:
1/. Premises Local Authority Registered and checked
2/. Each Piercer Local Authority Licensed
3/. Fully insured
4/. Private sterile piercing rooms
5/. Autoclave/Sterilizer on display
6/. Jewellery "EU Nickel Directive" compliant
7/. Large selection of Jewellery
8/. Aftercare
9/. Experienced

We've been piercing for over 4
9 years.
"Experience Counts"

We pierce all areas above the Waistline/Belt

Titanium / Niobium / 9ct Gold / BCR's / Navel Barbells / D-Rings / Barbells / Circular Barbells / Nose Studs