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WHAT IS A BODYWRAP TREATMENT? You will be asked to complete a simple health questionnaire. We measure your body starting from your ankles marking the areas to enable correct measuring after the treatment. A complex Aromatherapy Slimming or Firming Lotion is then applied - these essential oils activate the lymphatic drainage system and detoxify the body. Our exclusive formula of essential oils leaves the body feeling cleansed and the skin soft and firm.

WHAT CAUSES FLUID RETENTION AND CELLULITE? 1. Not drinking enough water. 2. Hormone imbalance 3. HRT 4. The Pill 5. Excess alcohol 6. Excess tea and coffee 7. Excess fats and sugars 8. Stress Fluid retention results in a sluggish lymphatic system causing us to feel bloated and tired, our hair, nails and skin suffer. Losing weight is far more difficult. When the lymphatic system is blocked minute particles of fat, poisons and toxins collect in the adipose tissue (an area over the muscles under the skin). The appearance on the skin that we can see is of a dimpled orange peel effect known as cellulite.

HOW IS THE CONGESTED AREA REDUCED? This is achieved by the wrapping process. The toxins, that have been collected in the adipose tissue, are forced into the lymphatic system. Once in the lymphatics, it is expelled through the body's own natural waste system.

DO WRAPS REDUCE CELLULITE? Cellulite is a term not used in the medical profession. In the beauty industry, it is a term used to describe areas of the body that have become congested with particles of fat and waste products. The skin in these areas resembles orange peel in appearance. Although the wraps do help in the reduction of cellulite, we must point out the results you require may not be achieved in one wrap, as usually the problem has accumulated over a period of time. Ask a member of staff for advice.

WHERE DOES THE FLUID GO? The fluid is expelled through the body's natural waste system.

WHEN I DRINK WATER WILL THE INCHES GO BACK ON? No - because the wrapping treatment is not dehydrative. you do not lose weight through water loss.

HOW MANY INCHES WILL I LOSE? We can not guarantee how many inches you will lose. An average inch loss is from 6" - 25", it does depend on the size and condition of the client. Although at one salon in Hertfordshire, it was reported that a client lost 92" in only four wraps.

WILL THE WRAPS HELP FADE STRETCH MARKS? They will become less noticeable as the skin tightens.

HOW MANY WRAPS WILL I NEED? One wrap will guarantee you an inch loss - ideal for that special occasion. If long term results are required a course of 3 - 6 wraps would be recommended to cleanse the system and free waste products which are stored in the adipose tissue. This build up of waste is normally due to poor diet, lack of exercise, too much tea or coffee, smoking, age, hormonal changes or loss of weight. We would advise you to increase your water intake.

IS THE BODY WRAP SAFE? Yes - the slimming / firming lotions we use are completely natural. Our bandages are are manufactured by the medical profession and are used in hospitals nationwide.

IS THE TREATMENT CLAUSTROPHOBIC? No - our bodywrap systems allows you mobility and the skin to breath.

IS THE TREATMENT COLD AND WET? No - we use a dry wrap system that is warm and comfortable.

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM A BODYWRAP? Clients suffering from stress Clients who have stubborn fatty areas, i.e. hips, thighs, etc... Clients with cellulite Dieters to reduce excess fluids and toxins Clients who suffer from P.M.T. Clients with dry skin Clients who need motivation to diets Clients who loose skin from dieting or pregnancy Clients who may be happy with their figure and wish to retain it Clients who would like to detoxify their body Clients who wish to tighten body tissue

If you would like to talk to one of our therapists to see how a Bodywrap could help you, then please call (01452) 526940 or Email: beautysalon@kara.uk.com with details about yourself.